Our First Blog

Scott and I have decided to travel the world for a year. Yes, a year. One whole year.

A year without rent. A year without a car. A year without work (for me, anyway — Scott will be working remotely as we travel). But also a year without our closest friends and family. A year without the comforts of home. A year without Grubhub or Amazon Prime! All traded in for a year living out of a backpack, traveling from country to country.  For a year.

At the age of 47 (Scott) and 37 (me), we realize this is a somewhat out-of-the-norm thing to do for Americans. We both have good careers and a nice life in Atlanta, GA. We have friends and family we love and enjoy spending time with. We have a dog, Lily, and a cat, Daphne. Scott’s daughter, Aidan, just started college. And we are well on our way to retirement.

So why are we packing it all up to go travel?

There are many reasons, but the current political climate is by far the biggest reason. Scott and I, like many people around the world, watched the TV on Nov 7, 2016, in shock and despair as we watched a nightmare unfold before our very eyes. Since that day, we vowed to make a change, either move to Canada (Scott’s homeland) or travel the world. While some in the USA may grow more closed off to the larger world — “America first” and all that — we are choosing the opposite. We both love to travel, and we want to see more of the world and its people, to expand our hearts and our minds as we expand our horizons.

Why else would we do this? For a year? (A whole year!?) Well, when will we ever be this young or this able to travel? Never. Should we wait for retirement, as some have suggested, when we’re likely to be too tired and/or too immobile to do it or enjoy it? No, thanks. Carpe diem.

Finally… why the hell not!? My favorite reason. It’s our life, and we can do what we want!

Other folks might have other reasons. These are ours, and we feel good about them. I hope you too find your reasons and start planning your travel soon.

Watch for more blogs as we get ready to set off on this grand adventure, starting March 26, 2018!


14 thoughts on “Our First Blog

  1. Rhonda Miller

    So excited for your adventure! We’ve thought about doing it and even came close just before I joined Cox. Can’t wait to live vicariously through you!


  2. Lynn S.

    And why the hell not?! Enjoy this adventure Connie and Scott. Please let those you meet around the world know there are sooo many Americans who are disgusted by #45. I love that you can take this time, see the world, meet new people, and experience other cultures. I’m looking forward to your future posts.


  3. Ken & Gina Cliffe

    Congratulations to the both of you! We’re looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes and learning about all the new cultures you encounter. Have fun!


  4. Debbie Morris

    Yay! So excited for you! Do you have enough space in your luggage for me, two kids and a hubby?? LOLOL. Can’t wait to see where your travels take you and hear about your many adventures. Be safe out there in those international streets girl (and Scott)!! Take care of each other!


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