Lisbon, or Lisboa, has been beautiful, delicious, interesting, and very hilly. It’s known, after all, for its seven hills, so it gets its humps honestly. In the past two days, we’ve humped it too, over 38,000 steps each, while climbing about 50 floors’ worth of incline according to our iPhone Health app. That is after Connie sleeping close to 15 hours last night. We have ridden Hop On-Hop Off site-seeing buses for five hours, traveled along the Metro for six miles, and taken a funicular up a very steep hill.

In fact, with all the walking and the healthy eating, Scott and I have talked about how much weight we hope to lose. According to Scott, after one day in Lisbon he’s already had to tighten his belt by one notch. He always drops weight fast.

I don’t feel any different. 🙂

Both yesterday and today, because of all the hills, we saw beautiful high-level views of the entire city. It has been absolutely perfect weather both days, and we feel very lucky to be here.

One cool fact that we learned was that Queens, New York, is named after a past royal figure of Portugal, Queen Catherine of Braganza — the one who married King Charles II of England.

In terms of cuisine, we ate some cod, which is a famous dish of the Portuguese, and we sampled some of both the local beer and the wine. Both are delicious. Lunch was at the Time Out food market, which offered a great assortment of local dishes and drinks! (For those in or from Atlanta, it’s like a souped-up version of Ponce City Market.)

This evening, we walked all over Bairro Alto, where we saw amazing views of the city, found a little outdoor market with live music, and finally went to a wine bar called the Old Pharmacy, where we had wonderful Portuguese wine and a charcuterie and cheese board.

In all, a pretty great couple of days. A BIG “thank you” to Aldina Gonçalves for giving us so many suggestions on what to see, do, and eat!! It really came in handy as we wandered the city!

We decided to cut Lisboa short so we could go to Évora, which is about an hour and a half away. That’s today’s adventure, and we are taking our first train to get there, so wish us luck.

Enjoy the pics!

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5 thoughts on “Lisbon!

  1. Pdot

    Great start! And you two are going to be in the best shape of your lives! ( stick to light beer though! ) I also love a good funicular. XX


  2. Ken & Gina Cliffe

    What a wonderful start to your adventure! You write beautifully and the pictures are amazing! Thank you for this blog and including us all in your travels. Have a wonderful time out there you two!


  3. Auntie Sharon

    Great pics – geez Connie – I thought you had swiped my scarf – have one exactly the same :). Carry on – wino’s – which I was there with y’all. Xxoo
    Auntie Sharon and Unca Ernie


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