We took an 8-hour train ride to Prague from Warsaw, departing at 5:50 AM on Tuesday, October 29. While it was a long ride, it was also quite pleasant. Scott hadn’t put in a full Monday the day prior like he usually does, so he worked part of the time; I watched TV on my iPhone (the iPhone 8 Plus has been the perfect choice for this trip for a few reasons, this being one of them). Finally arriving in Prague, we made our way to the Airbnb, had a late lunch, and then went grocery shopping.

The next day was Halloween, and since Wednesdays are work days for Scott, I was off on my own. I took not one, not two, but three walking tours (ok, the third one was with Scott in the evening… and it sucked, so we left about 20 minutes in!). Still, I did a lot of walking, a little over 20,000 steps. The first tour was of Prague’s Old Town and some of the newer areas — basically about 80% of the major sites the city center has to offer. The second tour was of Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world. That just about completed my tour of the major sites of the city, all on day one!

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Honestly, by this point, after we’d seen so many other cities from the former Austo-Hungarian empire in the past few months, they’d started to look the same. Don’t get me wrong, Prague is amazing and the city itself is beautiful! Maybe just pace yourself and don’t see a ton of cities with similar architecture all more or less back to back. 😊

Thursday, another work day for Scott, it was rainy and cold, but I powered through. My first stop was the gorgeous Klementinum Library. (Erin Grant, you would have been blown away! It was bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!) This place is said to be one of the most, if not the most beautiful library in the world! Unfortunately, they did not allow pictures, so instead I’ve found a few from the internet and shared them here so you can see and judge for yourself. The tour also included a visit to the astrological tower, where astrologists created an atlas of the moon and measured the distance between stars. The tower also offered a fantastic view of the city.

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Afterwards I was hungry, so made my way to the Prague Market, which sold mainly cheap knock-off apparel. There I found out about Sasazu, a delicious Michelin-starred Asian restaurant, where I had a very (very) light lunch. It was super $$$$, though, so I settled the bill and then went to fill up at one of the cheap food vendors in the market.

Thursday night, we went to see Bohemian Rhapsody, which we’d been looking forward to seeing for months, and it did not disappoint. We both loved it.

On Friday, we went to lunch at a place called Venue Praha that had, by a stroke of sheer luck, chicken and waffles! Scott had pancakes. Both meals were delectable. Afterwards we walked around the Holesovicka Trznice marketplace, along the Vltava River, the Old Town, and Kampa Island, which is in the middle of the river. After all that walking, we went to a place called Anonymous Bar, styled after Guy Fawkes (yes, the one who tried to bomb England’s Parliament building in 1605, and who also inspired V for Vendetta). We had some really fun drinks there: a smoked Old Fashioned, a rose-infused gin drink, etc., and we also met and chatted for a while with a friendly couple from Ireland. (She had drink they served in an intravenous bag, like one you’d see at a hospital.)

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On Saturday, we had a lazy day watching movies. A little down time was much needed after so much walking over the previous few days. We ordered in some Indian food and were quite content to laze on the couch.

We had a few more things we wanted to do in Prague, though, so on Sunday we attempted to go to the National Museum; unfortunately, the line was wrapped halfway around the building. We then tried to take the funicular up to Petrin Lookout, but the line for that was also way too long. (I guess waiting till Sunday to do the really touristy stuff wasn’t wise.) Since we were close, though, we decided to walk to the castle, since Scott hadn’t seen it yet. On the way, we found the Lesser Town, which was an adorable old cobblestone neighborhood just below the castle. We wandered those streets a bit and then walked up hill to the castle complex.

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We had a lot to do in preparation for our trip to Thailand, still, though, so we went back to the apartment early-ish and did some necessary things like looking into visas, paying bills, etc.

And that, friends, wraps up 7 months and 10 days in Europe! What a trip it has been. Many unexpected things, many nice surprises, many travel mishaps, and thankfully, many more experiences to come. We have loved our trip so far and feel like we really saw some of the best parts of Europe. There’s always more to see, of course, but we feel like we hit all the places we set out to see, and then some.

Now we are on to Thailand!

Connie & Scott

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